Emerald Dream Regular


Embark on a journey to paradise with Emerald Dream Regular cannabis seeds. Experience a wave of tranquility and pure euphoria with each puff, as worries melt away. Cultivating these exquisite seeds promises medium difficulty and a rewarding sensory journey.

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Emerald Dream Regular

Indulge in the blissful escape of Emerald Dream Regular cannabis seeds. These exquisite seeds promise a sensational experience, blending a harmony of relaxation, happiness, and upliftment. With each puff, feel your worries melt away as a wave of tranquility washes over you, leaving you in a state of pure euphoria. The sweet, citrus, and earthy flavors tantalize your taste buds, enhancing the overall sensory journey. Cultivating these seeds is a rewarding challenge of medium difficulty, perfect for those seeking a fulfilling growing experience. Embark on a journey to paradise with Emerald Dream – your gateway to a world of sublime sensations.


The tantalizing Emerald Dream Regular cannabis seeds promise a flavor sensation like no other. With notes of sweet, citrus, and earthy undertones, each inhale is a journey into a dreamy oasis of delectable flavors that awakens the senses.


Experience the thrill of cultivating Emerald Dream Regular cannabis seeds, with a grow difficulty rating of Medium. Delve into the world of nurturing these beauties as they flourish into vibrant plants, rewarding your efforts with bountiful harvests.


Emerald Dream Regular cannabis seeds are a tribute to the rich history of cannabis cultivation. Developed with care and expertise, these seeds take us back to the roots of the plant’s lineage, reflecting the time-honored traditions and techniques of generations past. With each seed embodying the legacy of cannabis cultivation, Emerald Dream Regular seeds connect us to a time when cannabis was revered for its natural beauty and therapeutic benefits. Embrace the history and heritage of cannabis with Emerald Dream Regular seeds.

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Flowering Time

9-10 weeks


Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting



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Citrus, Earthy, Sweet