Afghan Kush Regular


Step into a world of relaxation with Afghan Kush Regular cannabis seeds. Rooted in the essence of the Afghan mountains, this strain delivers pure bliss with earthy, woody, and pine flavors that take you on a journey through nature. Perfect for peaceful escapes and restful nights.

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Afghan Kush Regular

Indulge in the tranquil embrace of Afghan Kush Regular cannabis seeds, a legendary strain that embodies pure relaxation. Infused with the essence of the rugged Afghan mountains, this easy-to-cultivate beauty yields buds that will transport you to a state of pure bliss. With a harmonious blend of earthy, woody, and pine flavors, each toke is a journey through nature’s embrace. Feel your worries melt away as you sink into a pool of happiness and contentment. Perfect for lazy evenings and restful nights, Afghan Kush is your ticket to a peaceful escape. Embrace the calm and embrace the magic of Afghan Kush Regular cannabis seeds.


The Afghan Kush Regular cannabis seeds boast a robust flavor profile that captures the essence of nature itself. Earthy undertones are complemented by woody notes and hints of pine, creating a harmonious blend that evokes images of sprawling forests and rugged mountains. Embrace the pure essence of the earth with every inhale.


Growing Afghan Kush Regular cannabis seeds is a breeze, even for beginners. This strain thrives in various conditions and requires minimal attention. With its resilience and adaptability, cultivating these seeds is an effortless journey to a bountiful harvest.


Afghan Kush Regular cannabis seeds are steeped in centuries-old history, tracing back to the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. Renowned for their resilience and potent effects, these seeds have been meticulously cultivated by generations of Afghan farmers. With a heritage rich in tradition and craftsmanship, Afghan Kush remains a staple in the cannabis community, cherished for its robust genetics and consistent performance. Discover the legacy of Afghan Kush Regular seeds and embark on a journey through time with this iconic strain.

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Flowering Time

8-9 weeks


Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy



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Plant type

Predominantly Indica


Earthy, Pine, Woody